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sectional doors

Overhead Sectional door, is a gateway solution for exterior application, suitable for both industrial and commercial building. Sectional doors perform the desired role with top performance and also have a very pleasing aesthetic appearance. High flexibility makes it possible to install this door in almost every type of building. The door slides up under the roof when opened, allowing free space around the door opening and leaving the door opening completely free. The door is made of insulated panels/Glazed Panel. These panels are designed without a thermal bridge to provide minimal thermal transmittance, which reduces energy cost.

The sectional doors are made of puf panels, with external aluminum or GI panels. The doors can also be provided with vision panels in the form of glazing. The vision panel size is customizable. Fully glazed sectional doors are also available, which have very high aesthetic value. They are used as exterior doors for showrooms and industries.

In the manufacturing sector, NIHVA Technologies is emerging as the leading Sectional Door Manufacturer. We provide customized solutions for Insulated sectional doors and fully glazed sectional doors. Get in touch with us today to get the best quote and price for the sectional door. 

Features of Sectional door –

  • Used for functional and aesthetic needs
  • Protects against rough weather
  • External use
  • Used at loading bay or main entrances
  • Pass door – optional
  • Button / remote operated
  • Radar based automatic operation
  • Vision panels and full glazing available

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