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cantilever gates

At NIHVA Technologies, we provide improvised solution called automated cantilever sliding gates, which is a new value-added product in the range of standard sliding gates. Cantilever sliding gates have better operation, working and aesthetic appeal due to modern technology and improved reverse motion system. These gates have been introduced with the aim of overcoming the shortcomings of standard sliding gates and growing in terms of new trends and modern technology. Made from imported monolithic cantilever track and pair of heavy-duty bottom carriages, our cantilever sliding gates are supported on one end only, free without roadway tracks and are supported by sliding rollers in the tubular track at the bottom of the gate.

Supported on one end and the bottom edge being an inch above the ground level, these gates are the perfect solution where the roadways are uneven or it is not possible to lay the foundation for tracks and channels. Our automatic sliding Cantilever doors are virtually maintenance-free as there is no accumulation of dust and water on the track.

Features of Cantilever gates

  • Noise-free movement of gate.
  • No Track or concrete foundation required on the roadway.
  • Obstacle free entry without any bumps.
  • No risk of non-functioning of gate due to bending or wearing-tearing of bottom rail.
  • Can be easily installed on uneven or sloped ground surface.
  • Imported monolithic cantilever track & pair of heavy duty bottom carriages.

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