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Every architect knows the famous axiom from Louis Sullivan. Form follows function. And every architect also knows the challenge of bringing that saying into practice. The desire to create a sleek and interesting design must be met with an equal consideration for practicality. It is in striking that perfect balance that you make a winning design.

“There are many suppliers who can give you good doors. The difference is in the refinement of the door. Technically and aesthetically. Architect like refined details and it has to fit with the characteristics of the site,” By finding a door that fit both.

Sustainability showcase or showdown? – With an increasing need to consider future generations, creating sustainable buildings, designed for tomorrow as much as for today, needs to be a priority for the whole industry. When designing a building we must consider all the elements that need to come together to meet the needs of both the occupants and the environment.

Specs, how low can you go? - Throughout every building project, planning, designing and building, getting the specifications right is crucial. When architects specify a product it is for a particular reason, maybe the product has a particular function it needs to fulfil, or the design is complex and needs specific products and materials to realize its full potential. Whatever the reasoning, specifications are not there to be ignored.

Are you in compliance? - Permissions, regulations, standards, building control, you have to make sure your building is compliant with them all. But it’s not all red tape, compliance can be seen as an opportunity to create more efficient buildings, to improve health and safety, and to save costs. And with the right manufacturers as a NIHVA you can be sure that the entrance systems you choose go above and beyond when it comes to compliance

The right entrance systems can encourage a happier and more productive workforce, especially if the weather gets extreme.

NIHVA Provides -

  • Specification texts / USPs
  • Drawings and solution design
  • Energy calculator
  • Norms and regulations compliance
  • LEED and BREEAM consulting
  • BIM objects for Revit and ArchiCAD
  • Our products and solutions help to comply with green building certification LEED
  • Environmental Product Declarations with information about life-cycle, environmental impact in accordance with international standards are available for selected products
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