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inside plant doors

NIHVA Technologies manufacture Inside Plant doors that are designed with the latest technology is extremely secure, reliable and safe High-speed Doors for interior gateway applications. Interior roll-up doors ensure easy installation, improve facility efficiency and separate the unfavorable areas. Roll up interior doors are also used in cold storage environments as cold room doors and in the pharmaceutical industry and cleanrooms as clean room doors for maintaining the interior environment. These doors have fast opening speeds, high-quality safety systems, and need very little service & maintenance.  Have tight sealing and are resistant to pressure for controlling the environment. These doors are the perfect option for your entrance solutions.

Inside plant high-speed doors are thus designed to be an ideal companion to your door arch, performing reliably and safely around men and equipment. These industrial doors are equipped with high-quality safety instrumentation and provided with safety edge, photocell, radar sensors, and various access control like biometric and RFID based opening.

In the manufacturing sector, NIHVA is emerging as the leading provider of high-speed doors that meet the stringent quality standards with the highest performance. NIHVA doors are widely used in various warehouses, logistics applications, and industries and have proven to be a good investment for their establishments in multiple business sectors. At NIHVA, we provide entire after-sale support services on all our products and products of other make as well  . Please get in touch for more details. Our expert design and sales team with varied industry experience can help you choose the right high-speed door variant for your application with the best quote and price. 

Features of Inside Plant Doors / High-Speed Doors

  • Used for interior application
  • Splash resistant
  • Efficient barriers between compartments
  • Reduces air infiltration
  • High speed operation for reduced air leakage
  • Bottom safety edge
  • Radar based automatic operation
  • Acts as thermal barrier
  • Access control – biometric, RFID, Key card-based, push button-based.
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