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high speed doors

High speed doors are used in certain entrance requirements. 

Certain entrance requirements have extremely high operational demands. High-speed Doors are automatic and programmed doors, used for quick ingress and egress. These are large doors with high operating cycles that are designed and manufactured with advanced safety features that enable the quick, efficient, and safe flow of materials inside and outside of the building thus ensuring a substantial saving on energy costs as compared to the conventional automatic doors. These doors can also satisfy specified entrance requirements demanding additional protection against dirt, dust, and other types of contamination, or protection against thermal loss across curtains, etc.

We design High-speed Doors catering to a wide range of industrial clients. They are used in the manufacturing industry for gateway solutions, as machine protection doors on the production shop floor, as cold room doors in cold chains, in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industry as clean room doors.  Due to this varied scope of applications, high- speed doors are seen in multiple business sectors and offer clients the benefits in many ways. Easy to install and have an elementary product design.

In the manufacturing sector, NIHVA is emerging as the leading provider of High-speed doors that meet the stringent quality standards with the highest operational speed and more cycles per hour. NIHVA doors are widely used in various warehouses, logistics applications, and industries and have proven to be a good investment for their establishments. We also provide after-sales services like AMCs, breakdown maintenance, and spares on all products of NIHVA.

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