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sustainable buildings with automatically green certified doors and retractable roofs

Sustainable Buildings with Automatically Green Certified Doors and Retractable Roofs

Author - NIHVA Technologies

Date - 23-12-2020

The construction sector is one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions globally. Looking at the need for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and moving towards a more sustainable future, the construction sector is looking towards methodologies, designs, and products for building environment-friendly structures. Certifications like LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) are sought after by builders and companies as proof of their sustainable designs. Among the many factors affecting the design of green buildings, the choice of products like automatically green certified doors and retractable roofs play an important part in making the structure truly green. Having a sustainable building is not only beneficial to the environment but also results in lower expenses incurred on resources like electricity and air conditioning.

Green Buildings with Automatically Certified Green Doors and Retractable Roofs

Many things need to be considered while designing a green building. We will focus on the factors that affect the selection of doors and roofs overall.

  • 1. Energy Efficiency

    Energy consumption is a major consideration for green buildings. Manual doors have their drawbacks, even though they don't consume energy. For example, a high possibility of leaving the door open results in a disturbance in internal building temperature resulting in higher costs of air conditioning.

    Automatically certified green doors and retractable roofs help in reducing the amount of energy consumed for heating or cooling of a building. Automatically green certified doors and retractable roofs also operate with low energy consumption. Features like hydraulic closers and magnetic catches help in keeping a weather-tight seal that further saves heating and cooling costs. A fine example of this is the Besam Automatically Green Doors available with NIHVA that provide entrance solutions for sustainable buildings.

    energy savings with automatic entrance doors

    Image 1: Energy Savings with Automatic Entrance Doors
  • 2. Indoor Air Quality

    Apart from occupant activity like smoking or the use of chemical products, indoor air quality is affected by external pollutants that can enter the indoor spaces and get trapped for long periods. With most offices and spaces being air-conditioned or temperature-controlled, ventilation with exhausts and windows is not an option. Retractable roofs and automatic doors can help in providing controlled natural ventilation which is needed for better indoor air quality. These products can help in greatly reducing external air infiltration, which helps in keeping indoor air safe from outside pollution in cities. Smart door solutions will also automatically adjust the width of the door opening with high traffic to avoid automobile pollution.

    NIHVA's specializes in retractable roofs and automatically certified green doors that contribute to better indoor air quality and greener building design.

    automatically certified green door

    Image 2: Automatically certified green door
  • 3. Eco-friendly materials

    Eco-friendly materials are changing the construction landscape and ushering in an era of sustainability. Going green is the new trend that door and roof manufacturers are also following to make their products more environment friendly. Recycled materials are the best bet to provide good quality automatic doors that help you meet LEED requirements for Materials and Resources credits. ASSA ABLOY's range of Automatically certified green doors, provided by NIHVA, is made of a high percentage of recycled aluminium that helps you go green!
  • 4. Daylight

    Maximum utilization of daylight is a concept that architects love to incorporate in their designs. For green buildings, it is all the more important because it means low energy consumption during day time, which is a big yes! Glass doors and retractable roofs make optimum daylight utilization possible resulting in increased energy savings. In winters, daylight can also contribute to warming the indoor space and saving on heating costs. Automatically green certified doors and retractable roofs by NIHVA, in partnership with ASSA ABLOY, are ideal for this purpose.

    retractable roof by nihva

    Image 3: Retractable Roof by NIHVA
  • Conclusion

    Green buildings are touted for their sustainability and inherently aesthetic designs because of the optimum use of environmental factors like sunlight which give them an added appeal. The use of automatically green certified doors and retractable roofs as a part of the green building architecture can elevate the sustainability factor.

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