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maintenance repair and overhauling facilities in india

Maintenance, Repair and Overhauling Facilities in India

Author - NIHVA Technologies

Date - 6-01-2021

NIHVA products assist in creation of the first-of-its-kind MRO facility in India

A new MRO facility being built in India needed custom door and water management products. The technical requirements and sensitivity of the project required a supplier who could successfully fulfill the product requirements of such a critical and expensive project.


  • MRO means Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul for the aviation sector. These set-ups play a vital role in the upkeep of aircrafts, keeping them safe for flight for civil, defence, or private purposes.
  • These facilities involve high capital investment with a focus on skilled manpower and quality of delivery. This is keeping in line with the strict safety requirements of the aviation sector.
  • The Indian MRO industry, until recently, was struggling to compete with competitors in Hong Kong and Singapore. This was due to numerous taxes and royalties.
  • Recent support by the Civil Aviation Ministry in the from of a better model, in consultation with India Business Aviation Operators Association (BAOA) has encouraged creation of new MRO facilities by various aviation industry players in India.
  • The first-of-its-kind MRO facility in India was planned that needed custom hangar door and Water Management Products.
  • The challenge was to find a reliable supplier who could fulfill the order as per exact technical specifications, high investment cost, and sensitive information.


  • NIHVA was chosen as the preferred supplier for Hangar Door and Water Management Products because of its technical experience, product specifications, and associations with expert partners like ASSA ABLOY and ACO.
  • Hangar Door
    • NIHVA provided the consultation and customized Megadoor from ASSA ABLOY which is one of the largest sized doors supplied by NIHVA till date. NIHVA scope starts with door structure engineering.
    • The door is designed according to wind pressure.
    • The hangar door was intentionally made to have a low area footprint.
  • Water Management Products
    • NIHVA supplied ACO products for water drainage in the hangar
    • Heavy-duty grated trench drainage systems were provided that are made of polymer concrete.
    • Polymer Concrete Channels were provided for the protection of cables and allow access for maintenance.


  • Hangar Door
    • Reliable operation without disruption despite heavy usage
    • Maximized production space due to low area footprint
    • Good working environment with tight door seal and Comfortable natural lighting with a translucent curtain
    • Low energy operation to enhance cost savings
  • Water Management Products
    • Protection of expensive equipment and aircraft against water damage
    • Protection of sensitive communication cables and electrical wiring
    • Lightweight polymer concrete for easy maintenance and repair access
    • Sufficient loading allowance for heavy materials

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