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high performance doors for food industry

High Performance Doors for Food Industry

Author - NIHVA Technologies

Date - 11-12-2020

High performance door systems play an essential role in maintaining safety and hygiene in the food industry. are of prime importance for the food industry. When we are talking about maas manufacturing of food products, there are strict regulations and standards in place that the manufacturers need to adhere to. This includes buildings, layouts, design, and construction that meet specific standards. Primarily food production spaces should maintain good hygiene practices, be frequently cleaned, and be easy to disinfect, be safe from external sources of contamination like pests and bacteria. NIHVA provides door systems and door automation solutions for the food industry.

In this blog, we will discuss the different types of door applications for the food industry.

Cold Room Doors and Freezer Doors

Many times the food industry deals with raw materials and finished goods that are perishable. Products like meat and dairy need to be stored at specific temperatures to ensure that the cold chain is maintained and the quality of food is always fit for human consumption. Cold room doors and freezer doors are important in maintaining the temperature of cold rooms and freezer areas and also provide energy savings. Also, these doors need to be extremely durable and also allow fast and efficient movement of equipment and machines that carry products and material. High speed, insulation, and tight sealing are the features that you should look out for in these doors.Materials like galvanized steel, popularly stainless steel 304, are used for the construction of these doors. NIHVA offers best-in-class cold room and freezer doors that meet all these standards.

cold room door

Figure 1: Cold Room Door

High Speed Doors for Food Processing

Food processing areas need to meet high hygiene standards. Any form of contamination is unacceptable and high speed doors are one of the most important features to maintain a contaminant-free zone. Doors for these applications need to be designed to keep pests and microbial pollutants at bay. High speed doors that also have perfect sealing are required. The fast operation prevents entry of any undesired particles or pests while sealing protects against drafts and humidity that may encourage contamination.

high speed doors

Figure 2: High Speed Doors

Additionally, these doors may have windows or vision panels to allow natural lighting and visibility for moving traffic within the food processing area. This enhances occupational safety for workers. Another feature of these doors is the compact design. Processing areas in food industries are bustling with activity. Equipment, personnel, raw materials, processed goods are everywhere on the shop floor. It is imperative for safety that doors in these areas take as little space as possible to allow for maximum mobility without accidents. Many times these doors are made of PVC and function like flexible curtains. This not only allows easy cleaning of surfaces but also ensures the safety of workers and equipment. While choosing doors for food processing, some features should always be kept in mind.

  1. Size: Different areas may have different size requirements. To maintain the same standards and ease of purchase and logistics, you should choose a vendor providing various sizes of doors. Typically, sizes range from 1000 x 2000 mm to 4000mm x 4000mm
  2. Operating Speed: As discussed above, high speed is a key feature of doors for the food processing industry. Ideally, high speed doors operate up to 1.2m/s opening and 0.5 m/s closing speed.
  3. Durability: High performance doors should be heavy-duty and be built to last. Reputed door manufacturers offer products that can be used for up to 1,000,000 usage cycles. This ensures lower costs and downtime spent on maintenance.

NIHVA specializes in high speed doors for the food industry that meet international standards like EN 12425 and EN 12426 for reliable performance.

Fire rated doors

Fire safety is a critical consideration for all industries, and even more so for the food industry. Food processing areas very often carry out activities like cooking, frying, and baking that need high-temperature operations. Needless to say, despite all best practices, manufacturers always have to be careful to make sure that their workers and then the equipment is safe in event of a fire. Fire doors are designed to compartmentalize and contain the fire for longer periods. They restrict fire to a particular area preventing further spread. This saves the loss of valuable life and expensive property. Fire doors are specially designed with certified materials and hardware to withstand high temperatures and contain smoke. They need to be engineered and installed correctly with the services of experienced personnel from companies that specialize in these products.

You can read more about fire rated doors in our earlier blog. NIHVA is a provider of standardized fire-rated doors and fire rated rolling shutters.


High performance doors play an important role in maintaining good manufacturing practices for the food industry. Manufacturers must choose the right vendors that provide high-quality doors that are apt for the required applications. It is also wise to hire the services of a company that not just sells doors but also consults and suggests the most suitable products for your needs.

NIHVA is one of the leading names for high-performance doors and also provides consulting services to help you choose the right products.

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