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automatic sliding glass doors enhancing health and safety in covid time

Automatic Sliding Glass Doors Enhancing Health and Safety In COVID Time

Author - NIHVA Technologies

Date - 24-11-2020

Automatic sliding glass doors are the need of the hour to prevent the risk of infection, emergency purposes, and people with disabilities. With the COVID-19 pandemic cases rising in several countries, health and safety are of paramount importance. Keeping this in mind, health establishments across the world are looking for contactless automatic entrance equipment. In this blog, we will discuss the Automatic sliding glass doors that have aided people in this pandemic year.

What are Automatic Sliding Glass Doors

Automatic sliding glass doors have smart sensors that allow people to enter and exit seamlessly.There are many types of automatic sliding glass doors, but we will discuss those specially designed for the health and safety of individuals.

Automatic sliding glass doors are in use for external entries or exits to a building. However, they are also used in interiors where swinging doors becomes a hassle. Sliding doors are useful in areas that require hospital beds, carts, or equipment to be moved through a wide door opening. The benefits of automated sliding glass doors include control of unnecessary noise, easy maintenance, natural lightcontrol, decrease energy cost, and better security. Aesthetics are also an added benefit as they are pleasing to the eye of the beholder.

Automatic sliding glass doors have flexible opening widthsthat are ideal for narrow passages or small entrances. They are available in single-door and double-door variants. They provide maximum security to the premises. They allow a clear view of patients for observation in high-risk conditions and infections like COVID-19.

From the aspect of health and safety, clean room sliding glass doors are essential in coronavirus pandemic times. Some applications of automatic sliding glass doors have been discussed below.

  • 1. Hermetically-sealed doors in Hospitals and Pathology Labs

    These automatic doors are specially designed for operating theatres and intensive care units (ICUs) in hospitals. The Hermetically sealed or Tight Seal doors help in maintaining hygiene and minimize air infiltration. Hermetically sliding doors are also used in cleanrooms such as laboratories, pharmaceutical production facilities that require a well-sealed hygienic environment. This is especially required in hospitals catering to COVID-19 patients and pathology labs testing COVID-19 samples. The last thing these facilities need is the spread of infection outside of their premises due to negligence or lack of infrastructure.


    Figure 1: Hermetically sealed doors
    These doors are bacteria resistant so that there is no growth of germs and bacteria. They are designed to prevent the collection of dust on their surfaces. The automatic doors provide safe access to doctors and patients. Also, these doors give great comfort to patients as they are sound-insulated. NIHVA's Hermetically sealed doors are custom-designed according to a user's needs.


    Figure 2 - Automatic sliding glass door in a hospital ICU
  • 2. Cleanroom doors for the Pharmaceutical Industry

    These are automatic doors that work in a cleanroom environment that prevent dust build-up. Clean rooms do not allow undesirable bacterial growth while preparing pharmaor medicinal products. The airtight design of the sliding glass doors reduces the chances of infection and contamination of vital health products. Cleanroom doors have different time delays for key card access and sensors. They provide safety for transporting delicate and expensive equipment. In such sensitive places, the last thing that manufacturers need is the spread of infection like COVID-19, which is why automatic sliding glass doors are valuable.

    cleanroom sliding glass door

    Figure 3 - Cleanroom sliding glass door
  • 3. Commercial Spaces

    Automatic sliding glass doors are especially useful in commercial spaces like retail outlets, shopping malls, hotels, and complexes. These places receive huge traffic of people throughout the day. Automatic sliding glass doors not only provide a clear view of things on display inside the spaces but also provide a no-touch door system. With Automatic sliding glass doors, people do not need to manually push or slide doors to enter and exit. This means zero contact with surfaces, which in-turn helps in preventing the spread of viruses like COVID-19. Aesthetically pleasing designs and customizable finishes allow easy integration with architecture.

    automatic sliding glass door at shopping mall

    Figure 4 - Automatic Sliding Glass Door at a Shopping mall
  • 4. Industrial and Work Places

    Automatic sliding glass doors are useful in industrial applications and places of work. Offices around the world now opening up after COVID-19 lockdowns. With people returning to work, employers are trying to ensure that they take all possible precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their workplace. Here automatic sliding glass doors can be extremely useful. These can be integrated easily into any architecture without much change in existing arrangements and take up very little space owing to their sliding operation. Employers can also ensure secure access to places of work with the use of access control devices like facial recognition to protect sensitive areas whilst maintaining a touch-free entry and exit system for their employees.

    NIHVA's Automated sliding door systems (Besam SL500) are custom-designed according to an establishment's needs.

Features of Automatic Sliding Glass Doors by NIHVA

NIHVAs range of automatic sliding glass doors meets all specifications for occupational safety and health standards. These door systems are secure, customizable, convenient, and energy-efficient. Some technical aspects of sliding doors offered by NIHVA.

  • 6 or 8mm Glass or Toughened glass as standard
  • Side screens
  • Mechanical lock
  • Alternative colors, painted/anodized
  • Alternative glass types and finish
  • Break-out / Reverse Break-out


Retail outlets, grocery stores, shopping mallshave adopted automatic sliding glass door systems in a bid to provide comfort and peace of mind to their customers. The customers find it convenient to enter/exit these stores as they do not need to touch doors.

NIHVA is your one-stop destination for fulfilling your requirements in Door automation, Customized Material Handling Equipment, and SPMs. NIHVA has collaborated with global leaders such as ASSA ABLOY in the field of Door automation and other automated solutions.

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