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telescopic sliding doors

Telescopic sliding doors find application in the applications that require the maximum utilization of clear space. Telescopic Sliding Doors are manufactured by unique & state of the art fabrication techniques using sturdy frames that allow minimum deflection. A number of doors leafs are decided on the basis of clear opening required and available space. These doors are known to provide maximum clear opening and require very little parking space. Telescopic folding doors need very little parking space, thanks to the telescopic action. Thus, the sliding folding door is an ideal product for hospital entrance doors or shopping mall doors, which handle a large influx of people moving across at any time. Also, to carry a stretcher bed across, more amount of clear space is required. Thus, sliding folding doors finds many applications in the healthcare and retail industry. 

In the mechanical and logistic industry, the sliding folding door is used as an entry gate for logistic and material handling stations. The maximum clear opening and lesser parking space make it easy for Material Handling Equipment like scissor lifts or forklifts to move through. The excess clear opening is a major advantage of this unique type of doorway solution. 

NIHVA provides sliding – folding doors having the following unique features - 

  • Developed as per Environmental Management System guidelines
  • Provides a safe working environment
  • Low maintenance
  • Self-lifting arrangement
  • Teflon coated self-lubricating hinges
  • Guides and channels made from high-quality material for low corrosion
  • Designed for the high operating frequency
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