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dock shelter and load house

Dock shelters

Dock shelters are the protective equipment useful while loading and unloading in harsh atmospheric conditions such as rain, storm or snow or for handling sensitive materials like in case of food industry or pharmaceutical industry, where the contact with outside environment could contaminate the contents of logistics. Loadhouse is combined application device used for loading unloading purpose. 

Curtain Dock Shelters

Screen dock shelters/curtain dock shelters provide weather protection during the loading and unloading process. Available in many sizes, they greatly improve the working environment while protecting the goods. Dock shelter encloses the loading-unloading bay thereby protecting the material and loading equipment from the outside environment. The screen material has very high wear and tear resistance and the built-in springs allow the vehicle to move without damaging the shelter or loadhouse.

Inflatable Dock Shelters

Inflatable dock shelters provide proper sealing by inflating themselves around the dock vehicle, making them ideal for applications in the food industry. They are suitable for a wide range of vehicle sizes and provide continuous weather protection throughout the loading and unloading operation.

Features of Dock Shelter –

  • Protects dock leveller and loading bay from environment
  • Essential for food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Curtain type and telescopic type
  • Encapsulates the docking or material exchange point